Different activities take place everyday but here is what a typical day includes


                    ~ To encourage Creativity, Logic, Motor & Social skills ~


Arts & Crafts

Art & Crafts is one of our favorite activity. We love seeing kids excited about creating and making with their own hands. They will be introduced to different materials* such as clay, play dough, pencils, chalk, markers and more.

*All materials are non-toxic to keep children safe!

Group activity

We love that all children at Petit Calinou are not only classmates but also friends. In order to help them build a friendship, we encourage them to interact with one another through fun group activities. 

French Circle

A time to sit together to learn,sing and read but also a time we use to share & communicate with the group regarding any matters (such as feelings, memories, favorite moment of the days etc...)

Free Play

We believe that is very important to include "Free Play" in theirs days (always supervised) a time where they can use their imagination freely, a time for pretend plays or to use our sand box, play house, climing structure and explore the backyard, We believe free play helps to develop wonderful skills such as social & collaborative skills, independence, creativity, curiosity and more.


Extra Curricular Activities


Animaly Classes

An educational program with live animals that comes visit us bi-weekly. We learn about Nature, and the life of Animals.

The little ones also have a chance to Pet & Hold in safety our friendly guest during each class.

Learn more at www.Animaly.net

Dance & Gymnastic Classes

Weekly Classes with wonderful and patient teachers. A fun creative movement exercise for our little ones!

Preschool Activities are included daily, please feel to ask more about our Preschool time by phone or email!


There will be:

Building Blocks, Dance, Story time etc....