In our family, we love good Homemade food and we use all Natural & Organic ingredients. And that philosophy is also a part of Petit Calinou.

We believe that nutrition is an important part of a child life. Food contribute to their health, well being and other aspect of their lives. 

We love to provide Tasty & Healthy food for the little ones, making each meal a happy moment to gather & enjoy.

* All our meals & snacks are Nut Free.

*We gladly provide Vegetarian or Allergy Free alternatives when necessary.

* All Dairies, Meats and Eggs are Organic (we only serve white meats such as Chicken or Turkey).

* Our menu and Snacks are free of refined sugar.




Menu Sample


Morning Snack

Fresh Fruit + Homemade Banana Bread + Organic Milk



Organic + Organic Sweet Peas & Carrots + Brown Rice

Another Lunch Sample:

Salmon + Broccoli & Sweet onions + Quinoa


Afternoon Snack

Homemade Whole Wheat Banana bread (sweetened w/ Raw Honey) + Fresh Fruits

Organic Yogurt + Brown Rice Puffed  + Fresh Fruits



*All plates, utensils and drinking cups are BPA free*

*All Hand soap, Dish soap and cleaning products used in the house are non-toxic*